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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

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Research has shown that what happens inutero - how we are born has a direct correlation with our innate becoming of who we are. I was able to have two VBAC'S (vaginal birth after cesearean) with the support of midwives. The power of understanding the process and learning about our body's natural hormonal rhythms which work in conjunction with our body, mind and spirit is key. Letting go, trusting the process and having the right support during the times when you need it the most is part of what we go over in class.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation


I offer Placenta Encapsulation. 

This means I prepare your placenta in the Traditional Chinese Method which includes steaming the placenta before dehydrating it and then turning it into capsule form. Women have said taking the pills have helped with milk production, new baby blues and may help with the release of the hormone oxytocin "the love hormone". 

The placenta is known as the "tree of life" In some cultures it is buried with a new planting as a symbol of growth.

If placenta encapsulation is not for you -

I also offer a way to honor your baby's placenta 

by creating a handmade personal suncatcher with their

umbilical cord. The cord is formed into a heart, dehydrated 

and preserved and turned into a piece of art to forever. 

This artwork can be designed with your favorite colors, 

chakra colors or my personal favorite - 

your baby's own colors from their birthdate.

Each piece is hand-crafted with love. 

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healing community

We offer holistic alternatives to healing and growth. Join us for crystal bowl meditations only one of the many offerings

Some topics include:

· Postpartum Rituals around the world

· Crafting Calm – Learn to make a Mala & how to use it

· Meditation and Prayer – Why both are important

· Breastfeeding Strategies & Tips

· Circle of Security Parenting 

· Benefits of a diverse Microbiome – Learn to make Kombucha

· Bone broth benefits

· Self care – Why putting your air mask on first is most important

· Exploring Sound Healing …Tibetan and Crystal Bowl Meditiation

· Burst of Color - Chakras and energy flow

· Your nose knows…understanding oils 

For more information: 

Call/text Christine (201) 349-3688 


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Please join us for a …

Monthly Community Group

One Sunday every month from 6:30pm – 8:30pm join us as we sit in circle to explore, learn and share.A different topic each month to help support your journey as a parent, as a person. Come once or be part of our community.  Have fun delving into something new – we will be learning from experts and each other.